Corporate Design


  • License: OFL (SIL Open Font License)
  • Description: One of Uwe Borchert’s near-lost fonts. Sturkopf Grotesk is a sibling to Plakative Grotesk, and it looks like the two can be intermixed with one another in text. Full Language Support

Basic Latin, Central European, Esperanto, Euro, Turkish, Western European

Usage and adjustment in the Sonoj Logotype, with Inkscape

All lowercase letters, the lowercase j is replaced by the uppercase, which is made exactly as high and wide as a lowercase o. then WIDTH to 130% then convert inkscape-objects (one sono and one J) to path. All letters to single objects (dissolve group). Attention: the single letter is also a group.

Select everything (with shift): Distribute Tool: refer to Selection, then align equally (far right. )

Create a grid with the “Arrange” tool and use it for aligning and spacing (1 row, n columns) Place all letters on a common line base with the Align tool. now make the letters into a group again, align to paper and resize to align it centrally and make sure the logo is as wide as the font.

The sub-signature all in lower case. then align the bottom of the letters to a line. the top of the letters remove the i dot and make the t smaller so it's all about the same height. but still leave the natural height of the font. also make the small t at the top straight instead of slanted.