Sonoj Mailing LIst

This is only an administration guide for people with access to the Sonoj server.

This is a log how the mailinglist was setup and configured. There is only one mailing list, which is . It's a read only list where only authorized people can write to. Recepients are people who registered for a Sonoj Convention via the website. They are added manually. Anyone can leave the list at any time, instructions are provided automatically with each e-mail sent. Only can write to the list, and then needs to confirm by answering with a secret code sent by a confirmation-request mail.

ezmlm-make ~/ezmlm/list ~/.qmail-list list
ezmlm-make -+ -fsDbtmo -5 ~/ezmlm/list ~/.qmail-list list
ezmlm-sub ~/ezmlm/list mod
echo '[SONOJ]' > ~/ezmlm/speaker/prefix

User administration

ezmlm-list ~/ezmlm/list 
ezmlm-sub ~/ezmlm/list ADRESS1 ADRESS2 ...
ezmlm-unsub ~/ezmlm/list ADRESS
#Sub from a text file:
cat list.txt | ezmlm-sub ~/ezmlm/list
#Confirm with log:
cat ~/ezmlm/list/Log