Mail and Text Templates for the Sonoj Convention

Philosophy and Mission Statement

This text serves to inform readers about the goals, philosophy, and activities of the Sonoj Community and Convention. It provides a detailed introduction to us as an organization or group, highlighting its core values, objectives, and offerings to its members or a wider audience. The text is used for community outreach, member engagement, and to attract new participants.


The Sonoj Community and the Sonoj Convention are dedicated to providing musicians, producers, and other audio creatives with a platform for creative work and collaboration. Our primary focus is on music – creating, sharing, and experiencing sounds – and making it a central aspect of our community. We offer an alternative to the mainstream music scene, which often implies that successful production is only possible with specific commercial and proprietary hardware, software, and certain musical and technical approaches.

We critically question the notion of an 'industry standard' and strive to break away from these narrow perceptions. Our belief is that music can be made in a multitude of ways, using a wide array of tools and approaches. We provide an environment where the marketing-driven concepts of audio production are challenged, and alternatives are presented.

Our community is about sharing knowledge and skills in music production, making them accessible to everyone. We offer resources and learning opportunities for those who want to overcome the usual technical barriers and find their own musical voice. While we value the contributions of free and open-source software, our main focus is on creative freedom and the people behind the music.

The Sonoj Community is a place where creativity and musical engagement are paramount. Musicians and producers, who are also active members of our community, share their knowledge and experiences. Our goal is to create a community where artists can realize their creative visions free from the constraints of supposed standards, supported by an atmosphere of learning, growth, and mutual inspiration.


Die Sonoj Community und die Sonoj Convention setzen sich mit dafür ein, Musikern, Produzenten und anderen Audio-Kreativen eine Plattform für kreatives Schaffen und Austausch zu bieten. Unser Hauptaugenmerk liegt darauf, der Musik – dem Erschaffen, Teilen und Erleben von Klängen – einen zentralen Platz in unserer Gemeinschaft zu geben. Wir positionieren uns als Alternative zur vorherrschenden Musiklandschaft, die oft suggeriert, dass erfolgreiche Produktion nur mit spezifischer kommerzieller und unfreier Hardware, Software und bestimmten musikalischen und technischen Ansätzen möglich sei.

Wir hinterfragen kritisch die Idee des "Industriestandards" und setzen uns dafür ein, diese engen Vorstellungen aufzubrechen. Bei uns steht die Überzeugung im Vordergrund, dass Musik in vielfältiger Weise und mit einer Bandbreite an Werkzeugen und Ansätzen erschaffen werden kann. Wir bieten eine Umgebung, in der die von Marketingabteilungen diktieren Auffassungen von Audioproduktion hinterfragt werden und Alternativen aufgezeigt werden.

In unserer Community geht es darum, Wissen und Fähigkeiten in der Musikproduktion zu vermitteln und zugänglich zu machen. Wir bieten Ressourcen und Lernmöglichkeiten für alle, die die üblichen technischen Barrieren überwinden und ihre eigene musikalische Sprache finden möchten. Obwohl wir den Beitrag von freier und offener Software wertschätzen, liegt unser Fokus klar auf der kreativen Freiheit und den Menschen hinter der Musik.

Die Sonoj Community ist ein Ort, an dem Kreativität und musikalisches Engagement im Mittelpunkt stehen. Musiker und Produzenten, die selbst aktive Mitglieder unserer Gemeinschaft sind, teilen ihr Wissen und ihre Erfahrungen. Unser Ziel ist es, eine Gemeinschaft zu bilden, in der Musikschaffende ihre künstlerischen Visionen frei von den Zwängen angeblicher Standards verwirklichen können, unterstützt durch eine Atmosphäre des Lernens, Wachsens und der gegenseitigen Inspiration.

Lecture Demonstration - Lecdem

The term 'Lecdem' is a concise way to describe the format of our events at Sonoj Convention. This word, short for 'lecture-demonstration', aligns closely with our method of combining informative talks with practical musical demonstrations.

A Lecdem blends elements of a lecture with live demonstrations. This format allows for a comprehensive exploration of music and audio production, where concepts are not only discussed but also shown in practice.

We have adopted 'Lecdem' to accurately reflect the nature of our gatherings. Our sessions are designed to be interactive and informative, offering a space where learning is integrated with experiential understanding. This term succinctly conveys the balance of education and practical demonstration that characterizes our events.

The term 'Lecdem' originally comes from the realm of South Indian Carnatic music, where it is used to describe sessions that combine musical performance with educational insights, a concept we find resonates well with the spirit of our events at Sonoj Convention.

2023 - Mails and Published Texts

General Purpose Description

The open source music and audio production community is a welcoming and inclusive group that encourages musicians of all skill levels, including beginners and hobbyists, to join and contribute. They collaborate to create and share music and audio software that's free to use, modify, and distribute.

The Sonoj Convention, held annually in Cologne, Germany, is a gathering of people who are passionate about open source music and audio production. It offers workshops, talks, and discussions on a variety of topics such as beat-making, sound design, composition, and software development.

The convention is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest open source music tools and techniques. It's also a chance to connect with other people who share a love for making music and gain insights from their experiences. The community aims to provide an enjoyable and supportive environment for everyone.

Join the Open Source Music and Audio Production Community at the 2023 Sonoj Convention (October 7th and 8th)

Dear past and future visitors of the Sonoj Convention,

( Summary: Sonoj Convention is 2023-10-07 in Cologne, Germany. Register now at )

Are you a musician, sound designer, or just passionate about open source technology and music? If so, we're excited to invite you to the 2023 Sonoj Convention, which will be held on October 7th and 8th at our usual location in Cologne, Germany.

After the disappointment of having to cancel our past three events due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to finally welcome you back to our community. Admission is free, but donations are welcome to help us cover the costs.

This year's convention is shaping up to be even more special than before, with exciting networking opportunities, informative "Lecdems" (lecture-demonstrations), hands-on workshops, live performances, and more.

Here are some highlights of what you can expect at the event:

* Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and make lasting connections with others who share your passion for open source music and audio production. Our community is welcoming and inclusive, with something for everyone.

* Informative Talks and Demonstrations: Discover new ideas and approaches in our thought-provoking presentations and lecdems, delivered by knowledgeable speakers who are experts in their fields.

* Interactive Workshops: Learn and experiment with the latest open source music and audio production tools and techniques, guided by our friendly and helpful instructors.

* Live Performances: Experience the diverse and captivating sounds of our talented and dynamic performers, showcasing their usage of open source technology.

We will be providing a supply of simple food for free so you can enjoy the event with a full stomach. Of course there are plenty of opportunities to purchase food in the surrounding area as well.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with the vibrant open source music and audio production community. Register now on our website for the 2023 Sonoj Convention (or by replying to this e-mail) and we look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,

Schedule and Speakers

Dear past and future visitors of the Sonoj Convention,

Table of contents:
1) Registration and confirmation
2) Speakers and Schedule
3) Further information

####  Registration and confirmation ####

We're only two weeks away from the Sonoj Convention! 
October 7th and 8th 2023. Saturday begin 10:40, Sunday end 16:00 CET.
Heliosstr. 6a, 50825 Cologne, Germany.

If you haven't registered yet, now is the time to do so. 
Just go to and give us your name and e-mail address. 
You can also write directly to 
Entry is still free!

If you had already registered, we would be very happy about a short confirmation. 
This is purely voluntary and only for our planning and curiosity. You can come even if you don't send a confirmation!
Just reply to this email without writing anything. Press the "Reply" button, check it's going to and send.

If you have any questions or problems, you can always send an email to

#### Speakers and Schedule ####

Here are this years speakers and the schedule of talks and events. 
There may still be changes at short notice.

#### Further information ####

1. There will be a video live-stream of all talks. The link is already available on the Sonoj Website but not yet working.

2. Our chat server will be used during the event to accept comments and questions from the online-audience. In fact there is already a small, cozy community there waiting for you! :) Registration is quick and easy.

3. On Sunday we will hold our "traditional" One Hour Challenge. You are invited to participate, so bring your laptop on Sunday! Don't worry, the stakes are very low and it's just for fun. Anyone can join in! Here is everything you need to know and to prepare:

4. There will be free food. First come, first serve :)

Best regards,

Tomorrow! In-Person, Video Stream and Live Chat

Hi Sonojs!

Just a quick reminder, that the Sonoj Convention will indeed happen tomorrow, as planned. 
The "Welcome" starts at 10:40 CEST. First talk is at 11:00.
If you haven't registered yet but still want to come in-person tomorrow: just come!

We will be very happy to see you in person or online in our stream/chat combo!

for the Sonoj Convention

Convention 2023 wrap-up and archives


The Sonoj Convention 2023 is now over.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors, speakers and helpers once again.

Everything is being tidied up and sent into winter hibernation.
This should be the last email from us for quite a while. (Except the German one right after this one)

Video recordings are now online and can be viewed at:

The videos are also available on the Sonoj YouTube channel:

The website has been replaced by the placeholder and the 
archive for 2023 is here:

If you want to keep the contact you can participate in the Sonoj online community here:

Best wishes and see you soon!

[German] Einladung zum monatlichen “Open Source Audio Meeting Cologne”

[This mail is in German. It's an invitation to our local meetup].

Liebe Menschen,

die Sonoj Convention ist vorbei, aber wusstet ihr, dass es ein monatliches Treffen hier in Köln zu den gleichen Themen gibt?
Es nennt sich "OSAMC" - Open Source Audio Meeting Cologne.

Wir treffen uns jeden dritten Mittwoch im Monat im Chaos Computer Club Köln. 
Das nächste Treffen ist schon nächste Woche Mittwoch, am 18.10.2023 um 19:00 Uhr (bis 21:00 Uhr)

Man kann einfach ohne Anmeldung vorbeikommen.

Ich würde mich freuen euch dort zu sehen!
euer Nils

Communication with the Chaos Computer Club Cologne, in German

Reminder / Organisation ~two weeks before the event

Guten Tag zusammen,

wie ihr alle wisst findet bei uns am 27. und 28. Oktober die Sonoj
Convention statt. (Samstag und Sonntag)

0) Clubmitglieder müssen sich selbstverständlich nicht, wie alle
anderen, zur Convention anmelden sondern gehen wie immer ein und aus und
sind sehr gern gesehene Personen im Publikum! Es gibt am Samstag auch
ein Art Lightning-Talk slot. Wer da kurz was zeigen möchte zum Thema
Open Source, Audio, Musik und Multimedia im Allgemeinen ist herzlich
eingeladen. Anmeldung bis 30 Minuten vorher oder so.

1) Was letztes Jahr gut funktioniert hat, war es in der Woche vorher
eine große Aufräum- und Entrümpelungsaktion stattfinden zu lassen.  Das
kommt der Sonoj Convention zugute, aber letztendlich hat der Club 
selbst am meisten davon profitiert.  Hier bitte ich um zahlreiche
Freiwillige und im Vorfeld Entscheidungen was wo welchen Platz hat und
was weg soll.

2) Am Freitag vorher (26.10) findet der Aufbau der Einrichtung statt.
D.h. Stühle, Equipment etc.  Das hat letztes Jahr sehr gut funktioniert
und ich erwarte wenig bis keine Komplikationen. Das wird hauptsächlich
von Mitgliedern des Open Source Audio Meeting gemacht. C4ler schaden
natürlich nicht.

3) Ich bitte darum an dem Wochenende keine persönlichen Gegenstände
oder Wertsachen offen herumliegen zu lassen. Es kommen ca. 50 Gäste, die wir
nicht kennen, und Gelegenheit macht Diebe. Der Keller wird von den Gästen nicht betreten werden.

4) Am Samstag und Sonntag werden wir vom Sonoj Budget kostenloses Essen anbieten, aber nichts was mit den Clubbeständen an Süßigkeiten und Getränken in Konkurrenz tritt.

Schließlich gibt es auch einen heimeligen Sonoj Matrixserver, siehe, nicht nur zur Planung und Durchführung sondern auch als Treffpunkt und Community für alle Belange Open Source Audio, Musik, Kreatives und Software(entwicklung) aus diesem Bereich.

Um Rückmeldung wird gebeten

Viele Grüße

Mail after the convention

Hallo C4,

die Sonoj Convention ist nun vorrüber. Vielen Dank, dass das
stattfinden konnte. Auch noch einmal vielen Dank an das VOC Team.

Ich hoffe, dass der Club in einem angemessenen Zustand hinterlassen
worden ist. Mir sind bisher keine Schäden oder das Abhandenkommen von
Gegenständen bekannt. Falls euch etwas auffällt bitte meldet euch bei mir.

Sollte sich etwas ergeben habe ich immer ein offenes Ohr für
Rückmeldungen, Kritik, Vorschläge oder Verlustmeldungen.

Viele Grüße