The Sonoj Convention is free of charge for visitors!

While other conventions and conferences may cost up to hundreds of Euros, we succesfully organized all conventions so far through donations.

There are two ways to help, besides visiting the event in person and donating in cash. The amount is entirely your choice.

Bank Transfer (Preferred - No extra fees)

To Nils Hilbricht / Sonoj Convention
IBAN: DE76500105175418265664

Paypal (1.5% loss to fees)

Use our Paypal E-Mail or this:

Why it would be good if you supported the Sonoj Convention

Even if you don't attend personally you should consider supporting the Sonoj Convention by making a donation.

A successful Sonoj Convention greatly benefits everyone:

  • Creating and archiving knowledge: Valuable information, tips and tricks will be presented, discussed and recorded for anyone to watch and learn.
  • A moral boost for musicians and developers alike.
  • "Deadline" character: Incentive to finally finish a piece of music before the event date, release new software or work on that tutorial video...
  • Non-Profit: We only ask for the bare minimum to run the event (see below)
  • Indepdence: We organize a community and user oriented event without the influence of corporate sponsors. Companies may also donate, but they will remain anonymous.

What is the money used for?

The Sonoj Convention is organized by volunteers. But we still have expenses. For example 2023 in descending order:

  • Insurance
  • Venue (Electricity, Water, Internet for visitors)
  • Display and Decoration (Banner, Flyer etc.)
  • Logistics and Local Travel for speakers
  • Website and Server
  • Small items like "free" coffee for visitors, name tags etc.
If we raise more than we need the money will be used for the following year.