The Event

The fifth annual Sonoj Convention will be held at the Chaos Computer Club Cologne, Heliosstrasse 6a, 50825 Cologne, Germany on the weekend of October 19th and 20th 2024.

You can visit, admission free, if you register beforehand on our website. For those who can not make it there will be live video streaming, as well as video recordings provided shortly after the event.

To get an impression of past conventions, please visit our archive, which also contains music and videos.

The theme of the convention is making music with free and open source software and hardware. That ranges from a single program up to a whole operating system. No matter the technology, the music is always at the center of it. Every talk, demonstration or workshop will be focused on music. To enable this we follow a top-down approach. E.g. we advise our speakers to start with a piece of music and use it as a reference frame for the rest of the talk.

Our presentations and workshops are “hands-on”. They are meant for musicians, composers, broadcasters, etc. who do not need to know anything about messing with the internals of their software. If you just want to record or create nice synthesized or sampled sounds with your computer – the Sonoj Convention is for you! We believe that open source software ultimately helps you to achieve your goals. So bring your computer and join other creators on site!

Everything else will hopefully be answered in our FAQ. If you have any questions or comments left please write a mail to


Chaos Computer Club Cologne
Heliosstrasse 6a
Ground Floor
50825 Cologne, Germany

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